A bus without a driver will drive through Catalonia

A bus without a driver will drive through Catalonia

In September, an unmanned electric bus will pass through eight Catalan cities. A pilot movement without a driver will be launched by the Catalan Generalitat and the Transport Association of Municipalities (AMTU).

The cost of this initiative is estimated at about 300 000 euros, and a project will be implemented in the cities of San Cugat del Valles, Terraca, Sabadell, Girona, Reus, El-Vendrell, Martorell and Vic. On September 7, the bus starts in Sant Cugat, and on October 28, he will complete his journey to Vic.

This transport experiment will be the third in the world after the US and Australia. In each of the eight Catalan cities, the bus will stay in the week: the first two days are necessary for the car to memorize the route.

The bus, which was given the name “Erica”, can reach speeds of up to 18 km / h and stay on the move for 14 hours without interruption. It is designed for transportation of 12 passengers (6 seats and 6 standing places), which will be accompanied by technical assistants during the experiment in order to help the citizens to orient themselves in such an unusual situation if necessary.

The president of the AMTU association and simultaneously the Mayor of the city of Santa Maria de Palau Tordera ( Barcelona ) Jordi Xena told the press that the launch of an electric van is the first step in providing Catalans with environmental transport. The launch of the bus is test, because today the law of Spain prohibits the use of unmanned vehicles on public roads. But Chen and his colleagues hope for swift changes in the legislation.