Start: May 18, 2018
End: May 19, 2018

Event Venue

LaTerrrazza, Barcelona

GPS: -

On May 18, the LaTerrrazza nightclub, located in Poble Espanyol, meets the spring and opens a series of parties on the roof with an overview of the whole city. In honor of this significant event, the best DJs are invited to visit.

The first of these is Shinedoe (Intacto Records, Berlin ), the creator of his own unique sound, combining techno instrumental and melodic Detroit and Chicago.

The second guest is Ylia (Hooded Records), a native of Andalusia, who studied classical pianoforte at the conservatory, and now a resident of such popular clubs as Nitsa and City Hall; loves techno and musical experiments.

Another DJ who will please the audience this night is Turko (Fake Out Records), an Argentinian who connects electronics with rock and roll, his stylish and incendiary compositions in the style of techno and house will not let you sit still.

Join the opening of the club, the beginning at midnight!

Fees & Tickets
10.00 €
400.00 €