How many suitcases allow free transportation of a ticket for a flight of a budget airline

How many suitcases allow free transportation of a ticket for a flight of a budget airline

Tickets for low-cost European airlines EasyJet, Norwegian and Eurowings allow passengers to carry at least one suitcase measuring up to 55x40x25 cm.

One of the largest European budget airlines EasyJet – it ranks second in terms of air traffic in its category – allows passengers to take on board a suitcase up to 56x45x25 cm regardless of its weight. And the EasyJet card or Flexi tariff, which will cost their owners an additional 100 euros, will allow you to take on board one more bag up to 45x36x20 cm.

The Spanish airline Iberia Express, which is in the budget category, follows the same policy as Norwegian, and allows passengers with a standard ticket to carry a suitcase free of charge up to 56x45x25 cm without weighing, and in addition to it a small bag or laptop, or a video camera, a camera or portable cradle for the child.

Those who fly by the flight of the Catalan company Vueling, will be able to carry free of charge a suitcase up to 55x40x20 cm, provided that its weight does not exceed 10 kg. You can also grab another small suitcase or bag up to 35x20x20 cm.

Those who chose LEVEL, a budget airline with a base in Barcelona and Orly, should know that the ticket includes the cost of transporting a small suitcase and an extra bag that can fit under the passenger seat, and therefore should not be larger than 56x45x25 cm .

The Asturian company Volotea will allow you to load a suitcase measuring 55x40x20 cm and a bag of 35x20x20 cm on board the aircraft. This company is the only one in the budget sector that also includes the transportation of a suitcase weighing 20 kg.

The most stringent budget airline is Ryanair: from November 2018, it will deny its passengers the opportunity to carry suitcases for free, now only a small bag can be taken aboard the plane.

All the aforementioned airlines warn their passengers that hand luggage, due to lack of space, may have to be delivered to the luggage compartment, but it does not have to pay for it.