In Spain, the tourist exchange of housing is gaining momentum

In Spain, the tourist exchange of housing is gaining momentum

In addition to the Internet portals Airbnb and HomeAway, which help tourists to rent cheap housing for a while, Spain has a new way of economical living in a foreign city. It’s about gaining popularity to provide your apartment or house to someone who will provide your apartment to you. At least 35,000 Spaniards are already using this scheme of housing exchange and are looking for suitable options on the sites of GuesttoGuest and IntercambioCasas.

At the moment, Spain ranks second in the world (France is the leader here) in popularity of this type of lease. He is also well known in Italy, Germany, Ireland and the UK.

Among the Spanish regions Catalonia is leading, in which 8,600 apartments and houses are offered, followed by Andalusia (7700), Valencia (5500), Madrid (4800) and the Balearic Islands (1600), and the most active cities in these regions are Barcelona , ​​Madrid , Valencia, Seville and Granada.

So far, there are no legitimate ways to control and regulate such an exchange of housing, which is becoming more popular, as its participants avoid solving all financial issues, including paying taxes.

To date, one-third of Spanish families (34.4%) can not afford to spend even a week off their homes, and such a holiday system reduces the average vacation by 58%. It works very simply. Users register their housing on the selected site and offer it for rent, and not necessarily reciprocal. For a one-way lease, they receive points that they can use later, when they themselves need housing.

The IntercambioCasas portal offers its subscribers a subscription subscription worth 130 euros, which includes an unlimited number of exchanges. A site GuesttoGuest offers a free subscription, but receives 3.5% of insurance and cash collateral, the amount of which determines the owner of the house.

Naturally, many are still afraid to provide their homes to strangers, but gradually an increasing number of tourists are ready to decide on this step. According to a recent survey of Ipsos Consulting, 12% of the adult population in Europe is not against this experience.

In addition, the GuesttoGuest portal, which presents 400,000 homes from 187 countries, has developed a Servicio Plus warranty mechanism to protect this kind of tourism to the maximum: it allows to simplify the lease process, make it more transparent, set a fixed tariff rate and receive insurance for an accident or disruption of the transaction.