Influence dog Pipper travels around Spain in search of “dog friendly”

Influence dog Pipper travels around Spain in search of “dog friendly”

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Castile and Leon presented an innovative initiative in the field of tourism, aimed at developing travel in Spain with pets. The project, called ‘Pipper on tour’, will last until May 2019. As part of the initiative, the dog-influenza Pipper will visit 50 symbolic places in the country, where he will study the possibilities of rest with pets, and also find and reveal with his subscribers information about the places ‘dog friendly’. The first point of the route was Salamanca, and below you can see the corresponding video.

A significant increase in the number of pets in Spain in recent years has meant that an increasing number of tourists need conditions for traveling with pets. In addition, many foreigners come to rest with their favorites. Demand for ‘dog friendly’ places has become a new, rapidly developing niche of the tourism sector.

The initiative is that the amusing Parson Russel Terrier Pipper travels through Spain, choosing the most successful friendly to the dogs, and sharing this information through photos and videos in social networks. In addition, all interested are given useful practical advice on traveling with pets, based on the personal experience of Pipper and “his man.”

Through profiles in social networks, the organizers of the event invite everyone to offer places that Pipper can “inspect”.

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