Gulliver’s Park in Valencia is one of the most unusual places in Spain.

The park is based on the “Travel of Gulliver” by Jonathan Swift. And this is not just a giant concrete figure of Gulliver, but a playground with all sorts of thematic slides, descents, ropes, stairs, caves and other entertainments.

Gulliver’s Park is located in the river bed of the Turia, near the complex of the City of Arts and Sciences. The protagonist of the park, of course, is Gulliver, whose huge figure lies on the ground and is a playground, which is one of the most favorite holiday destinations in Valencia for families with young children. It allows you to have fun here for children of different ages, and above all, it is distinguished by its originality, which causes delight even in adults.

Gulliver's Park in Valencia

The figure of Gulliver is inside a large circle, being in the position of a man trying to get up from the ground and at the same time leaning on his elbows. Legs of the unlucky traveler are deployed in different directions, and through the waist there is a long trough, connecting the two sides of the platform. In fact, the lying hero of the immortal work of Jonathan Swift is executed in the form of an exciting labyrinth, striking in its unusualness, as well as an abundance of all kinds of slides and loopholes. Next to Gulliver’s feet lie his hat and saber, also part of a unique composition reminiscent of the execution of the masterpieces of the famous surrealist Salvador Dali. The authors of this project were the architect Rafael River and the artist Manolo Martin.

Gulliver's Park in Valencia

The main advantage of Gulliver Park is that its attractions are enjoyed not only by children, but also by adults, who often can not sit on the sidelines, watching their children scream with rapturous cries from numerous slides and climb ropes. From all sides the park is surrounded by greenery, which makes the local atmosphere even more pleasant and rainbow. Given the proximity of the City of Arts and Sciences, the site fits perfectly into the image of the modern district, being an excellent place for family recreation and fun pastime, which is confirmed by the great popularity inherent in this park from the day of its foundation.

Gulliver's Park in Valencia

Gulliver's Park in Valencia

О комфорте родителей создатели парка тоже позаботились. На его территории есть автоматы с едой и скамейки, на которых можно скоротать время ожидания. Отдельного внимания заслуживает достаточно высокое колесо обозрения, с чьей высоты можно наблюдать большую часть старинной Валенсии. Так же в парке сделали туалеты для комфорта посетителей. В парке всегда есть персонал, который следит за детьми и реагирует сразу при необходимости, если поведение кого то на площадке опасно для него и для других, а так же, если ребенок или родители не могут найти друг друга или просто если вы что-то потеряли. Для спокойствия родителей в парке есть и медицинский персонал, который поможет вам если ребенок стукнулся или ушибся.

Gulliver's Park in Valencia

Experts advise visiting this site early in the morning or closer to the evening, when the midday heat falls and there is an opportunity to fully enjoy the beautiful views.

Everyone at least once in his life wanted to get into, or become a hero in a fairy tale, story, novel. Feel and experience the adventures of your favorite hero. To look at the world with his eyes, breathe it with air. If you are familiar with this feeling, come to Valencia and take a stroll in the gardens of Turia, where between the bridges of Puente del Reino and Puente del Angel Custodio you suddenly get to Lilliput.

If your soul is still experiencing pleasure from children’s games, in Gulliver Park you will feel just right in your place. Here age does not matter. You are in the story of Jonathan Swift and you decide when to get out of it. And if you ride on the hills and run along with your own or with other people’s children is not your idea of ​​rest, then you can sit quietly on a bench near the park or on Gulliver’s hat and watch from the side what is happening taking sun baths.

Everything is thought out and it is stipulated that you and your children spend their time wonderfully in the fairy land of the Lilliputians! At what – absolutely free of charge!

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