“The Palace of Pilate” or, as it is also called “Rome Pretoria”, is located on the Royal Square. Currently, there are funds of the archaeological museum, in particular various kinds of decorative elements of buildings and their parts in the form of columns and capitals.
There is a Tarraco plan from the times of Roman rule, which is depicted on a marble slab, and also a model of a medieval city. From the lower terrace of the Palace building you can get to the Roman Circus.

History of occurrence

The palace of Pilate was built around 70 BC under the reign of Augustus Caesar.
Since 1171 for some time the building was used by the Norman nobleman Count Tarragon of Robert Bordet as his residence, where he lived together with his family.
In the 14th century it was rebuilt for the Catholic-Aragonese kings Pere III and Jaime II, who used the building as their residence. Since that time only some elements have survived to this day. In particular, these are Gothic windows, battlements and arch arches.
At one time, the tower of the Royal Palace, preserved until our days, was located in one of the corners of the provincial square, which was then a huge monumental complex. This was the location of the main administrative, religious and cultural buildings of the city of Tarraco.
Later, in 1813 the Royal Palace was almost completely destroyed, except for a stand-alone tower, which, in principle, is now called the “Pilate’s Palace.”
This place has been used for some time to keep prisoners, and only since the middle of the twentieth century the Palace became part of the archaeological museum.


The Palace of Pilate has practically no windows, only a few narrow gothic window openings are cut at the ends of the building. It is a quadrangular tower in the plan, built of carefully hewn rectangular blocks. Its height reaches 22 meters. On the top floor of it is a hall with five Gothic arches. There is a model of the city, as it was in the 14th century.
The building of the Palace is considered a vivid example of Gothic architecture. He and the outside, and from the inside combines almost all the elements of this style.
Since the reign of the Romans to the present day only the lower part of the tower has reached. The rest is a construction of the 14th century. At the top of the tower are seen Doric pilasters, which adorn its facade.
From a special platform of the tower, as well as from its roof, which can be lifted by an elevator or a special spiral staircase, offers a beautiful view of the city and the sea.
At the entrance to the “Pilate’s Palace” you can see the famous sculpture of a capitol wolf who feeds his milk to the brothers Romulus and Remus. They are the legendary founders of Rome.

To the tourist on a note

Visit the “Pilate’s Palace” is available daily from 9:30 to 18:00 – on weekdays, and from 10:00 to 14:00 on Sunday.
The ticket for visiting the tower is the same for visiting the Necropolis and the archaeological museum, as well as the Roman circus and the Roman amphitheater.


Just outside the Pilate’s Palace is the Roman Circus, which in ancient times was used as a racetrack. Theatrical performances and performances were also given here. In addition, this place was used by the Roman nobility for various festivities in honor of any significant events.
Near the “Palace of Pilate” is also the main building of the Archaeological Museum, which contains artifacts found during excavations in the old city. Their age is from the 16th to 18th centuries.


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