The portal provides several types of participation (user registration):

1. Simple participation (Free user)

You can register on for free as a free user, if:
  – you are interested in planning your travels and travels in Spain and in obtaining the most current and up-to-date information and offers of services from our partners;
  – You do not want to post your offers on our portal.

2. Partner (Partner), Professional (Professional) or Business (Business)

Partner – you can register on the portal as a Partner if you want to place your commercial offers on our website for an indefinite period of time and with the payment of commission% from each service order . The amount of commission is 15% from each order of your services received from users (registered) and guests (unregistered users) of our portal.*
* The amount of commissions can be changed, in special cases, by agreement of the parties.

Profi or Business – this type of participation is suitable for Partners who prefer to place their commercial offers on our portal for a certain period of time with a fixed fee (without paying commission% from each service order).

Tariff plans for Profi and Business