Spaniards do not imagine summer without beer

Spaniards do not imagine summer without beer

According to a Madison Research study for Cerveceros de España, during which 2,000 people aged 18 to 65 were interviewed, the Spaniards do not imagine a perfect summer without beer, tapas and beach rest.

Every six out of ten Spaniards believe that beer is an integral part of the summer, whether it’s kanya as a pure beer or its non-alcoholic variant. Beer is preferred by 68% of men and 60% of women of all ages. The next most popular place is occupied by juices and orchats.

Most of all beer is bought in the summer: from July to September in Spain, 30% of the annual volume is drunk, which is approximately 1,200,000 liters.

Beer in Spain is rarely drunk without snacks, and the most popular version of it is tapas, they were called by 43% of the respondents. Especially in demand are potato tortilla, salads and croquettes. Also like the Spanish paella, barbecue, fried fish, octopus and ham.

“Love for beer has strong roots in Mediterranean culture, so the ideal summer in Spain is perceived as meeting friends on the seashore or in the mountains, when you can drink a mug of beer and have a tasty meal,” said Hakobo Olalla Maranyon, general director of Cerveceros de España.

What can spoil the Spaniards summer vacation? More than 80% of respondents named bad weather, call of the boss and warm beer. And 9% of Spaniards to spoil the mood may become unusable cell phone.

The best summer decoration is 40% of Spaniards called the beach bar, 17.6% – rest in the mountains or the countryside, swimming in own pool (13.5%) and music festival (10%) – the last choice is made by young people under 30 years old .