Spanish TV series: route to locations

Spanish TV series: route to locations

Summer is a great time to plan trips to Spain. One of the possible unusual routes is places that often flash on the television screen. If you are a fan of the Spanish TV series, then our selection of the most iconic TV-sights is for you.

Headquarters CSIC ( Madrid ), La Casa de papel

The series with Ursula Corbero in the title role is one of the most successful projects of recent years on Spanish TV. But most viewers do not know that a gang of robbers led by the Professor are not working in the real Royal Mint. His “role” on the screen is played by the building of the CSIC – the Higher Council for Scientific Research.

Castillo de la Mota (Valladolid), Águila Roja

The combination of history and fantasy attracts the audience of the “Red Eagle” ude for nine seasons. One of the places of the shooting was the castle de la Mota in Valladolid. Fans of the series also make “a pilgrimage to the castle of the Alcazar of Segovia and the palace of Galiana in Toledo.

Hotel Ritz (Madrid), Velvet

The series “Velvet” takes viewers to Madrid in the middle of the twentieth century. The luxury of those times helps to recreate the interiors of the Ritz. The shooting also involved the Cock bar and the LHardy restaurant, serving visitors since 1839.

Briones (La Rioja), Gran Reserva

From the big city to the village among the vineyards will help “transport” the series Gran Reserva. The war of two family wineries was shot in various parts of La Rioja – Briones, Fuenmayor and San Vicente de la Sonsiere. It was these landscapes, streets and wineries that were the source of inspiration for the creation of the fictional city of Lasiesta.

Arautees (Segovia), Cuéntame cómo pasó

Perhaps, “Tell me how it happened” – the longest Spanish TV series. During the nineteen seasons, the Alcantara family experiences the twists and turns of fate. In real life, the village of Sagrillas does not exist, and most of the scenes, against which the story of the protagonists develop, was filmed in Segovia in the place of Arautez.

Nerja (Malaga), Verano Azul

In the early eighties, Verano Azul turned Spanish television and was a resounding success. It was on the beach of Burriana in Nerja that the legendary La Dorada boat of the protagonist moored. It is noteworthy that in modern Nerja one of the streets is named Antonio Ferrandis, who played the role of Chanket.

Palacio de la Magdalena (Santander), Gran Hotel

Series with Amalia Salamanca and Jon Gonzalez in the lead roles tell the story of the early XX century. The main shooting took place in Santander, in the magnificent palace of La Magdalena, built in the beginning of the century, so that the Spanish royal family could spend there long summer holidays.

Santa Maria del Mar ( Barcelona ), La Catedral del Mar

The series with a huge budget highlights the Spanish history of the XIV century in detail. Although the main venue for the series is Barcelona, the shooting took place throughout the country: in the castle of Guadamur in Toledo, Patio de los Rueda in Segovia, Sos del Rey Catolico in Zaragoza and, of course, in the Basilica of Santa Maria- del Mar in Barcelona – the same Cathedral by the sea.