Tarragona relies on natural marine tourism to revise the traditional holiday “sun and beach”

Tarragona relies on natural marine tourism to revise the traditional holiday “sun and beach”

Enjoy the sea wind, the sun, the waves and the sandy beach. The classical formula “sun and beach”, so popular on the Costa Dorada, is not enough for a successful existence in the international tourism market because of competition from more budget countries. For this reason, the authorities of the coast of the province of Tarragona are looking for innovative types of entertainment, sports and gastronomic tourism, but also connected with the sea, which would help to overestimate the role of the region without violating its identity. Among them – hiking in the protected places of the region, water sports, swimming with marine life, fresh seafood and even the opportunity to turn into a mermaid or a newt.

As it is established, the age of a typical tourist of the Costa Dorada is from 35 to 44 years old, and he comes to rest with his family on the recommendation of friends and relatives in search of “the beach, walks and a relaxing holiday by the sea”.

Three coastal municipalities told about their experience of marine natural tourism.

The coast of Vendrell is proud of the sea reservation

The unique marine reservation Masia Blanca, located near the beach area of ​​Vendrell, has been guarded since 1999 due to its high ecological value. The assignment of the reservation status to it has improved the condition of the surrounding area, and since 2008, activities such as snorkeling (swimming under the surface of the water with a mask, a breathing tube, and usually with fins) have developed here. In July, after a three-year break, the reservation was re-opened to visit, and now it provides visitors with an opportunity to see for themselves the thickets of oceanic posidonia, to watch the life of invertebrates, crustaceans and deep-sea fish.

The cultivation of tuna has changed L’Amellà de Mar

Marine fauna is one of the main ingredients of the coast of the province of Tarragona, which, in combination with gastronomy, is an impeccable tandem, which guarantees pleasant sensations. In the municipality of L’Amello de Mar, with more than 30 bays, a tuna breeding farm, represented by four generations of fishermen, provides an opportunity to go on a catamaran to the open sea, swim among hundreds of fish and participate in tasting. In addition, the region has developed activities such as snorkeling, kayak and rent of fishing vessels.

The taste of the sea is concentrated in San Carlos de la Rapita

The opportunity to enjoy products of local gastronomy is a definite plus, but even more tempting is their tasting directly at the place of production. In San Carlos de la Rapita (Montsia), visitors can try mussels in Alfax Bay directly on the high seas. This can be done in two places – in La Casca del Parrell and the Muslararium, breeding them 15 and 6 years respectively, and are laureates of numerous prizes for the quality and development of the region’s gastronomic culture.

In other regions, you can even more diversify your vacation: for example, to engage in fish tourism in Cambrils, learn to swim in the style of “siren” or “newt” in Salou , enjoy saburfing in Hospitalet d’Infante. A variety of types of recreation allows the coast of Costa Dorada to increase the number of tourists annually.