The six best landscapes of Galicia according to the guide Lonely Planet

The six best landscapes of Galicia according to the guide Lonely Planet

Among the legendary guidebooks Lonely Planet appeared a guide dedicated exclusively to Galicia. The new edition became part of the collection “The Best of”, which opens before the travelers the most authentic places of the regions of the world. We will tell you about the most memorable landscapes, which can be found in the new guide, and then go to the fairytale in reality.

Rias Baixas

A mild climate, magnificent beaches and gastronomy, where the seafood is dominant – this is the formula for the success of this corner of Galicia. In the main cities of Vigo and Pontevedra, cultural events often take place, and in small villages one can enjoy tranquility.

Surroundings of Santiago

The eponymous capital of the province of Santiago annually hosts thousands of people wishing to make a pilgrimage to Camino. The proximity to the famous Way of St. James predetermined the development of the region – for many centuries here came news and curiosities from abroad.

Costa da Morte

The “shore of death” received its frightening name due to the rocky, rugged cliffs of the coastline. Here, from time to time, shipwreck researchers appear, and those who stay on land study local lighthouses, fishing villages and places where you can “catch” the most beautiful sunsets.

Costa Norte

On the northern coast of Galicia, you can find modern cityscapes of La Coruña, and the endless forests of Las Fragas de Eume, and the cliffs of Ferrolterra. One of the most beautiful places in the region is the beach of Las Catedrales, where the sea for centuries created a bizarre “edging” to the coastal rocks.

Lugo and Ribeira Sacra

2000 years of history is stored by the Roman wall in Lugo, and the remains found during archaeological excavations are exhibited in several Spanish museums. An indelible impression is also produced by the canyons of the Sil River.


Orense is the only province in Galicia that does not border the sea: the river system plays a vital role here. In the most tranquil places near the banks of water bodies there are spa resorts, from where it is convenient to reach small medieval towns.