The world’s first zip-line, moving in time

The world’s first zip-line, moving in time

Zip-line, or a hanging ferry, connects Spain and Portugal, so that at the end of the trip, which lasts less than a minute, time decreases by an hour due to the difference in time zones.

It was always impossible to arrive on the site before the departure, but now it has become a reality thanks to the world’s first transnational cable car for downhill (up to 70 km / h).

Ziplain belongs to the company Límite Zero, which connected a special cable two banks of the Guadiana River: from the Spanish Sanlúcar de Guadina (Sanlúcar de Guadina) in the Doñana National Park area to the nearest Portuguese town of Alcoutim.

Everything is organized simply. In groups of up to 8 people (from 18 € per person), wishing to take off on off-road vehicles on a special platform. All necessary equipment and helmets are included in the price. From the highest point 25 meters above the destination, one after another adventurers travel down the 720 meter long cable and find themselves on the Portuguese side of the river in less than a minute where they walk a short distance and board a boat that takes them back to Spain.

Restrictions for using a downhill run are few: weight is more than 110 kg and age is less than 14 years. For small fans of extreme sports in the province of Huelva (Huelva) there is a children’s zip-line!