Top 10 most amazing tourist places in Spain

Top 10 most amazing tourist places in Spain

We present you a photo of a selection of the most amazing tourist places in Spain

Plaza of Spain (Seville)

The architectural ensemble, created in 1914-1929, is located in Parque de María Luisa.

Cordoba Cathedral Mosque (Cordoba)

A unique construction of its own, which has a great religious and historical significance.

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

A unique piece of architectural art by Antonio Gaudi.

The Alhambra (Granada)

A magnificent monument of the era of the Granada Emirate.

The Alcazar of Seville (Seville)

One of the royal palaces with the richest and most interesting history.

Casa Batlló (Barcelona)

An unusual apartment house of work by Antonio Gaudi.

Seville Cathedral (Seville)

The largest Catholic Gothic cathedral in Europe.

Royal Palace in Madrid

All those interested in the history and culture of Spain visit this most beautiful place.

The central market ( Valencia )

One of the best examples of Valencian modernism.

Boqueria Market (Barcelona)

Probably the most famous market in Spain, where you can buy almost anything.